Thursday, November 27, 2008


I believe that this Poem has the wisdom and moral value and LOVE and concern of a Mother for her Children.
Have Courage My Boy To Say No. You're starting today on life's journey alone on the highway of life. You'll meet with a thousand temptations, each city with evil is rife. The world is a stage of excitement, there's danger wherever you go; But if you are tempted in weakness, have courage my boy to say no. The siren's sweet smile may allure you. beware of her cunning and art. When ever you see her approaching,be guarded and haste to depart.The billiard saloons are inviting, decked out in their tinsel and show. Should you be invited to enter, have courage my boy to say no. Be careful in choosing companions; seek only the brave and the true; And stand by your friends when in trial ne'er changing the old for the new, And when by false friends you are tempted the taste of the wine cup to know, With firmness, with patience and kindness, have courage my boy to say no. A devoted Mother, AUTHOR: Uncertain

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